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Hi, nice to see you. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Patrick and I'm a developer, speaker, writer, mentor, and artist. Make yourself at home and have a look around.

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I'm a professional software engineer with over a decade of experience consulting for a wide variety of industries including education, energy, manufacturing, government, and many more.I work mostly with .NET cloud applications, systems design and architecture, and DevOps optimization and migration both as a technical lead and as a developer.I currently work independently - hire me to lead your team to better practices, solve a pesky problem, chart out an important migration or new feature, or simply add a strong, practiced hand in the work you're already doing.I prioritize the needs of you and your team, with an extra impetus on training, documentation, and understanding, to not leave you high or dry when our contract is done.Give me a shout.


I am a practiced and empathetic mentor, manager, and coach, serving as a technical team lead, and managing and coaching direct reports for organizations. I've helped many folks find a path to promotion, work their way through sticky situations, and explore and decide a course for their career.I offer individual technical mentoring and career advice and coaching for a sliding scale fee based on need, value, and availability (as cheap as free!).Contact me for more details.

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I'm a professional software engineer and amateur many other things from and in Austin, Texas. I use he/him pronouns and people call me "Patrick," "Loud Patrick," or by my trail name "Boogerbear."Besides developing software and architecting systems, I make crafts from reclaimed materials, design games, and endeavor other arts. You can see more of that at from the desk, I'm often outdoors swimming, gardening, or backpacking short and long distances — I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2018 and Camino de Santiago del Norte in 2023. Inside you will find me cooking in the kitchen, at a live music show, or bowling.Don't be a stranger, reach out on social medias or via the Contact page.


Interested in working with me in some capacity? Have a burning question? Want to hang out? Get in touch with me using the form below, and thanks.

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