About me, the author

our author: a young-ish man in a pink rhinestone suitcoat wearing aviator eyeglasses with sunglass flip-ups donning a jovial smile

I am a professional software consultant and amateur many other things from and in Austin, Texas. I use he/him pronouns and people call me “Patrick,” “Loud Patrick,” or by my trail name “Boogerbear.”

For many years I worked for Headspring, now part of Accenture, as a tech lead, architect, and engineering manager. I now work as an independent consultant and career mentor

Besides developing software and architecting systems, I make crafts from reclaimed materials, design games, and endeavor other arts. You can see more of that at loudandabrasive.com.

Away from the desk, I’m often outdoors swimming, gardening, or backpacking short and long distances — I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2018 and Camino de Santiago del Norte in 2023. Inside you will find me cooking in the kitchen, at a live music show, or bowling.

Don’t be a stranger, reach out on social medias or directly by email.