I am a software consultant that believes technology should make our lives easier.

For over a decade I consulted with agencies, delivering successful software solutions to clients in all kinds of industries. I work with legacy maintenance and migration to the cloud or microservices, modern “greenfield” app development for distributed systems or modular monoliths, dev ops and platform automation to help teams focus on ‘the good stuff’ and much more.

I care deeply about the continued success and health of your software and teams, paying extra mind to training, documentation and understanding. Here are some of the things I can do for you:

.NET Architecture and Development

It’s an exciting time to work with .NET, but there are a host of new complexities to go with the old. I have helped teams get the most out of the framework by migrating to .NET Core, improving development on MVC applications by methodically refactoring to hexagonal or vertical-slice architectures, carving up monoliths into modules or microservies, and introducing best practices on new Razor Page and Minimal API projects. The right patterns and technology choices can amplify your teams tenfold, and I have a deep udnerstanding of those best practices.

DevOps Platform Modernization and Optimization

A well-functioning and automated testing and release platform can save your development teams hours, avoid headaches, and elimate the potential for foibles so you can focus on the critical parts of the business and delivery. I have extensive experience [re-]platforming continuous integration and delivery systems to simplify, secure, and streamline developers’ operations, across all sorts of tooling on premise and in the cloud.

If your teams work across many applications or environments, you can benefit from repeatable infrastructure-as-code solutions, optimized buid pipelines, and frequent and reliable deployments. Let me help get you there!

Cloud Systems Design and Architecture

The microservice hype is dying into the plateu of productivity, which is the perfect time to re-evaluate your systems’ architecture. You may still be on-premise, dragging a too-large legacy app, or conversely tangled in a nest of distributed services with sub-optimal boundaries or issues with scaling your services. Cloud technology enables so much, but can be costly, ineffective, and insecure without the right decisions.

I will work with you and your team to design an appropriate architecture, resolve problem areas, recommend technology and tools, and get you started down a path of new or renewed success.

Technical Team Leadership

Hire me to lead one of your teams or other contractors in delivering a new feature or improvement. I will work with your project and product leaders to distill real-world requirements into technical ones, drive techical decisions, and lead developers through solution implementation, testing, and delivery.

I am available for both closed-scope efforts and ongoing development, as well as pinch-hitting for when your lead goes on parental leave, or any other circumstance you’re in need of coverage.

Odds and Ends

While the above skills are my bread and butter, I have experience in many other fields and technologies. I’ve added functionality to python Slackbots (and later replaced them with a web-based system), created CLI utilities for managing a business’s important files, fixed up companies’ CSS styles, and automated processes for my local community radio station. If you have a technical need - try me!

Get in Touch

You can email me so we can get started on building something, together.