Updated Site Layout

You may notice the site looks like a little different! It had been a minute since I had checked my styles, and it was high time for a refresh. This go around is a bit flashier, a bit more timeless, and a bit more “me.” While restyling, I took the opportunity to brush up on Flexbox and shed the CSS library I was using. Besides visual touch ups, there’s been some restructuring:

Corrected in April 2024

  • posts are now split by category between tech and life travel
    • but still all mashed up in the homepage
  • art pieces are now posts, also by category found on loudandabrasive.com
    • and also all mashed into the homepage
  • the projects page is gone
    • but lives on in the commit history

So, all the posts live together in the homepage, or more organized in their respective category pages. In the coming months expect to see the typical technical posts be joined by more art postings, personal essays, and other bullshit. Thanks for reading.

See you soon,
Patrick / Boogerbear