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  • I got a haircut! If we met within the past 5 years. You may not recognize me.
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  • Now It's Time To Say Goodbye (To My Job)

    Today is my last day at Accenture, fka Headspring. I’ve worked here for 11 years; near a third of my life, near the length of a primary and secondary schooling. And what...

  • Adding OpenRGB to Proxmox

    I am currently working on my “home server” which is more or less a couple hard drives in an old gaming computer. Some of the parts have fun RGB (red, green, blue)...

  • Debug, Dev, Release, and Prod in .NET

    A recent exchange between coworkers revealed a confusing but important distinction in .NET runtime nomenclature. These folks were looking to reproduce the same behavior on their individual machines, but just couldn’t stick...

  • Using MS SQL Server in GitHub Actions

    One of my favorite features in Azure DevOps is the Service Container, which allows spinning up infrastructure dependencies for build process as Docker containers. They are also available in GitHub Actions, which...