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I’m doing one of those lame obligatory first post on this blog. I’ve had many websites and portfolios over the years and even just recently began, ditched, and have now returned to a blog on Github Pages. A while back I prefered the CMS style, so I gave the Ghost a go. You can see my fork of the Azure-Ghost on Github.

Update Feb. 2017: I’m back to Github pages.

By tuning in to PMCVTM, you can expect some very cool stuff:

Take a click around, if you find something broken, missing, or otherwise improvable please let me know by emailing me at patrick@pmcvtm.com, tweeting at me @pmcvtm, or by leaving a comment below. I’m particularly curious how it ends up looking on the mobiles.

Sleezy Guy Giving Thumbs Up

*This is not a photo of me

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